Don't expect your purpose to fit in a box! Like your STYLE, your purpose should be true to who you are!

I woke up feeling unapologetically Kenya! As I looked through my closet for an outfit that matched my attitude, I came across a sequins skirt. Immediately I thought, "This is exactly how i'm feeling today!" I anticipated people judging my decision to wear a sequins party skirt on a random Friday afternoon. And to make it worse, I decided to pair the skirt with my favorite ELLE Aye tee and a pair of high top Adidas!  

style doesn't fit in a box            style and purpose                style and purpose

In life people are quick to judge or try to force us in a box. It's our job to fight the box! Your purpose doesn't fit in anyone's box. Neither should your style. Critics will attempt to shame you into doing it their way. Go to the college they think you should go to. Get the job they think you should have. Marry the person they think you should marry. But truth be told, what works for you may not fit in that little box. I am absolutely clear that my purpose is to large to fit in anyone's box!


As a matter of fact, my vision keeps getting larger and larger! As I walk in faith and stay obedient to what God whispers in my ear the bigger the vision becomes. I never would have thought that my purpose would so grand! But here's the thing, if I walk in my purpose the way others say I should I would never do it. You can't please everyone. 

Walk in your purpose, unapologetically and with style

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Outfit Details:

T-shirt: Unintendid the Brand

Skirt: From my closet circa 2007

Sneakers: High Top Shell Toes



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