Three tips to discovering your purpose! And how your style can help...

Why do people keep talking about purpose? What exactly is purpose? How do I find my purpose? Do I even have a purpose? 

Have you found yourself asking these questions? If so, you're in the right place! I am so thankful that I have discovered my purpose. Honestly, I'm even more thankful to be in a position to help you find your purpose!

Your purpose is that thing that God has been secretly whispering in your ear. You hear it but you pretend you don't. It's probably so HUGE, so OUTRAGEOUS that you think you can't do it.
style meets purpose-I AM POWERFUL

Your purpose is the thing that only you can do. No one else can do this project, start this business, align these stars... It was written just for you by God. Purpose can also be defined as that thing that makes your life worth it.
Before I discovered my purpose I felt slightly depressed. It was a weird feeling...nothing was wrong, but nothing was right either. I wasn't excited about life. It was a chore to get out of bed daily. And honestly, this feeling created guilt because I thought, "shouldn't I be grateful to just be alive? What's wrong with me?"
After I did some soul searching I realized that there was absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. I was on a journey. That journey has been long, exhausting, sometimes painful but, honestly, the most rewarding journey ever taken. I have three tips for you in discovering your purpose:
1. Think back to that thing that was whispered in your ear long ago. You may not have listened. You tried to ignore it. You thought is wasn't for you! It is! That is the thing God wants for you. You may have to journal to jog your memory. When you think you've figured it out, meditate and pray on it. Fast for confirmation.
2. Examine pain. That breakup, lose of a job, lose of a loved one, homelessness, gave you a story. I realized that my pain was presented to give me a story or stop me. I had to make the choice to accept it as my story. What will you do?
3. Wear your purpose. Literally! You want to be a successful mogul who is thriving?! Dress like it. Your style is like an affirmation. Although you aren't there at this present moment dress the part. Call it forward by the way you feel & the way you look!
Did this help? I want to know! Leave a comment below letting me know how this post transformed your outlook. Do you want more? I have more for you and I want to share it! Join me for the Purpose Blueprint Webinar on August 30th & 31st. It's a 2 day webinar crafted to transform your life into what you truly envision for yourself!

Walk in your purpose, unapologetically and with style

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